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How You Reach Your Lottery Number Goals, And The Answer May Surprise You

I persisted and found a speedboat that would take me to visit this superyacht out in our harbor.

I've just made a breakthrough on one of my websites.
I'd been working on a solution - I won't bore you with the details - for a long time.
And discovered the answer just this morning.

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Lee Won $1 Million With My System, But Here's His Problem

Lee emailed me yesterday...

He's one of our $1M winners, and he has written to me from time to time with some really enjoyable emails... he's a nice guy and a good writer.

That's his testimonial on my site, above.

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Are You A Lottery Jackpot Hopper? Here's The Secret To Winning Powerball, Mega Millions And Other Big Games

Winning this kind of jackpot requires a different strategy of play.

Choice is good. But if you're lucky enough to have several lottery games to choose from, you face a problem.

Here's why.

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Drey Is On His Way To His First Lottery Million With These Winning Steps

A couple months back Drey emailed me with a common question.

"Ken, can you help. I've been playing your system now for a while and only getting small prizes each week of $100, 150 or so. When am I going to win big as others are?"

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Donald Trump Once Gave These Lottery Millionaire Winners A Lesson In Finance

The man himself. Now President.

Now, I don't write about politics at all in these posts. But his election was a different story.

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[Case Study] How Jenny Won $1 Million With The Silver Lotto System

Let's talk about Jenny. Not her real name, and hey, maybe not a real person either.

But she won $1 million with the System. And here's how she planned it:

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How To Get Rid Of The Lottery Numbers Mumbo-Jumbo And Start Winning

As usual I'm writing this early in the morning from my bed on my iPad Pro. At sunrise in fact.

The electric blinds are up, powered by a squeeze of the remote by my bedside, and the sun is peeking above the sea across the harbour.

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PHOTO-FUN: Spot The Lottery Photo Differences And You're A Winner!

There's no prize for seeing the 3 differences in these New York Lottery winner photos, but if you spot them - you're a winner with us! For the answers go to the bottom of the
 ABOUT page to see how well you did.


Want a 7-Figure Lottery Jackpot This Year?

So we're back from sunny Sydney. Back to lower temperatures too.

At the moment the forecast is for strong winds and I can see the trees outside my home office bending in the wind.

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How To Choose The Right Lottery Winnings Payout To Match Your Lifestyle

Yesterday we visited a mansion. It is the home of my daughter's partner's parents in Australia where we're vacationing right now.

And it's an impressive home, all marble floors and large rooms.

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