The Lotto Life is about inspiring and motivating lottery players. I do it by giving out personalised information, experiences and helpful tips. If you’re a Silverite (buyer of my System and products), this blog shows you how to win faster and more often.

If you've not yet bought my successful System, then I hope the tips in this blog will assist you to make an informed decision, and learn more about getting the most out your lottery game. 

My Aston Martin Vanquish (left) and Bentley Continental GT. I've been very fortunate to own these and many other exotic luxury sports cars.


I'm doing what I enjoy most... helping others achieve success through my top-selling Silver Lotto System, a unique program which I developed in 1991.

There are many testimonials here on my websites which prove that anyone can win a lottery prize in almost every game (99% success is my personal record) using my systems.

I've also written several top-selling ebooks in other markets, including the million-seller "eBook Secrets."

I'm one of the early e-commerce adopters... selling my ebooks digitally online since 1995. Before that I owned a variety of small businesses.



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