Free Daily Draw


  • Every winner's email will be put back into the Draw so you can win multiple times.
  • You will not be advised of your winning draw, it is your responsibility to see if your email has won by visiting this website page and identifying your email address. If your email is in the black, you need to email us immediately with your choice of prize. Grayed out dates and emails are no longer eligible.
  • Only one email signup accepted per entrant. All multiple signups including the original will be permanently deleted if they are seen to be used for winning the Draw only.
  • Your email address is drawn from current and active emails. If you have not opened any of your emails for 3 months since your signup, then your email will be deleted as a standard procedure. It is your responsibility to open and read your email from us each day to keep it in the Draw.
  • You are responsible for keeping your email up to date. If your email address is canceled by your host within the 7 day advisement period your prize is null and void.
  • If you unsubscribe at any time your email and Free Draw opportunity will be removed permanently.
  • Draws will take place daily for 365 days of the year. 
  • Draws are selected randomly without favor, country choice or pre-selection.
  • The Draw email choice cannot be disputed.


In addition to the Privacy Terms at the bottom of this page: Your email will not be sold, loaned, sent or used by any other party. Your email will not be identified or linked to you in the public domain. You agree by claiming a prize that your blanked-out email address may be used for promotional purposes. Your privacy email (asterisks are used to blank out part of your address) will always be used in every example.