What I'm about to tell you sounds like a corny rags-to-riches story, but it's absolutely true: I was once so hopelessly broke - that I couldn't even find a spare $20 for gas. And this at a time when I should have been top of my career.

Discovering the System and winning lottery prizes changed my life - and was a huge relief. Now I've made my money I want to help you change your life too... so you can get a giant win like Jason here...

My System gave me and others thousands of prizes - and still does. It helped me to buy my Aston Martins and Bentleys you see here... along with a fantastic lifestyle I'd always dreamed of since I was a teenager. 

Maybe you've played for years and probably haven't won more than a few dollars. And you find my claims hard to believe. 

But it's true - my Silverites (buyers of my System) and I are still winning more than ever, even after nearly 25 rock-solid years of playing. We have multi-million and million dollar winners you can see here.

That's 25 years of constant winning. It's no accident. You can't get these amazing results without a System that works.

And I'm about to tell you how...

Here's the center of it all... my minimalist home office, with multiple Apple Mac screens and oh-so-comfortable Aeron chair.

So read on, listen to my story, and maybe you'll join our select group of winning lottery players.

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It's not only me - there are hundreds of others too who share their winning success stories:

Let me show you how my lottery system helps you win the endless stream of high value lottery prizes around the world. 

And you can win them with tiny ticket amounts that anyone can afford.

I've been lucky enough to fulfil all my dreams through the lottery. Here's my $10,000 'Breitling For Bentley GT' watch that I bought to match the color of my Bentley!


The So-Called Lottery Experts Laughed At Me. They Said My System Wouldn't Work. But Now I Have Multi-Million-Dollar Winners ... And Thousands Of Other Winners Thanking Me. Who's Laughing Now!


Hi, I'm Ken Silver. 

I shouldn't be telling you this story. It's embarrassing to talk about it even today.

You see, a while back I was 40 years old and dead broke.

I was struggling to live in a rented farm cottage and working from a cluttered desk while the stray goats bleated outside the window.

I had a failed business behind me, and a stinkin' low paid job ahead. I had no idea I would soon be receiving this kind of testimonial regularly:

But I bounced back. And I want to share with you exactly what took me from rags-to-riches ...and how my experience will help you get the jump on the lottery.

How did I fight my way back from poverty?

It wasn't easy. But from my desperate state in that rented property, I discovered an unknown key lottery secret that launched me out of debt.

The Secret

It was a secret that ended the heaped pile of unpaid bills that littered my in-basket.

I'm enjoying life to the max now... the lifestyle, the cars and stuff I'm showing you here.

Because I know what it's like to be church-mouse-poor...

Take a look at this gorgeous $2,000 Phillippe Starck design lamp in this photo. I bought that from one game's winnings.

Giant televisions? My 84" LG 4K flat screen is just one of 5 large screens dotted around my home.

I'm revealing these gleaming trophies, not to boast, but to point out that by following in my footsteps your life really can change for the better.

My own life changed dramatically when I finally nailed a system to beat the lottery. A success which paid off with $2.1 million paper wins in the first few months.

This photo above is my office complete with a 65" plasma tv - a long way from the old farmhouse room. Mine has floor to ceiling windows on three sides. My Italian glass desk is way over the other side of a room the size of the old farm lounge.

 And the success continues today. My System has been giving me and our players a mountain of cash... a small fortune annually... for many years. 

I'm only one of a constant stream of thousands of winners... many who email us daily with their exciting news. Here's Lee, another winner with a jackpot win that has changed his life...



So why am I giving away the farm? Why don't I just keep the secret in a bank vault, use it and gradually take over the world's lottery games?

To understand that, you need to understand how my System works.

Let's be frank... it's statistically impossible to predict the jackpot with any system, even mine. So we go after the MILLIONS of secondary prizes that together add up to a small fortune.

Easier To Win!

And best of all - they're easier to win!

My proven 25 year-old Silver Lotto System helps anyone who follows my instructions to get truly amazing results... multiple prizes - and even the jackpot - as you've just seen.

And it takes just a once-only 30 minute step to complete. You never have to do anything else again except play.

We have million-dollar winners. Many multiple prize winners too. Some are here on this page and our testimonial menu above, but there's a lot more I simply haven't had time to put up.

I get wins in over 99 out of every 100 games. And our thousands of winners - from the Oz Lotto $22.2 Million winner at the top of this page, to the other multi-million dollar winners - all know how successful my System is.

Is Your Lottery Game Here?

Here's just a few of the lotto games that you can play
using the Silver Lotto System


With my System many Silver Lotto players get more frequent and multiple wins following my System than with any other method I know.

I discovered this little-known formula, and blitzed the lottery world ... took it by storm ... over 25 years ago.

It's an evergreen system that will never get old or worn out.

There's one of my first newspaper ads in a Sunday paper on the right, and that's 20 years ago.

In the lottery business age doesn't matter.

In fact, the System gets better each year because I'm constantly tweaking it for the ultimate win rates.

And while my results are not typical, you CAN get multiple wins with my System if you follow the easy instructions.



You only fill out your tickets once. And it's easy to do... the 7 Step instructions takes less than 30 minutes and then you're finished...



Just follow the easy step-by-step directions with my System for any lottery game in the world, then win, like Maher M. WINNER: $3.2 MILLION!

And you don't have to spend a fortune to get great results. You can spend just a few dollars a game - but make sure you play! Like Lester R... WINNER: $1 MILLION!



It could be a $20 ticket, or a share of larger prize of millions of dollars like Robert Welan's relatives... WINNERS: $2.8 million! (1/10 share)


Here's more multiple wins from one game. This photo shows 9 winning tickets plus 4 bonus tickets from one of my games. Each ticket is worth from $36 to $72...

Here's 16 winning tickets in 2015 - getting close to my 22 ticket record. I get between 3 and 12 winning tickets - making up hundreds of dollars in most games - without any effort.

TIP: The first action you should take when you get a lottery prize over $1,000 is to fill in your name and address on the back of the ticket.


Don't Fall For The Dirty Tricks That Other Rip-Off Lottery Promoters Use To Confuse Or Scare You...

I don't blame you for wondering if this is a scam. There's a lot of false information out there written by anonymous trolls. It's hard to separate fact from fiction because you don't know who to believe.

But I have hard proof that many other lottery programs - maybe most of them - are either copies of mine, or so unbelievable that you just have to laugh. And none of them have been going for 25 years like mine, or got thousands of happy winners each year. Longevity is the best example of a genuine product that really works. 


Here's my nearly-new Range Rover in my driveway. Yes, I wash my own cars because - just like the Silver Lotto System, I don't know anyone who can do it better than me!

1. Will it work in my country?
Yes, the System works for most Lotto games in any country. The only two games you can't play so far are 90 number games in Ghana and Italy. The Silver Lotto System accepts all games of 5 to 7 balls and up to 60 numbers, including Mega Millions and Powerball.

2. Is there any extra cost after I buy?
No, apart from the usual cost to buy your lotto tickets each game, there are no other extra costs at all. I do recommend the other tool - my PRO Custom Profiles to save you time and effort working out the system.

3. How much do I have to spend each week on lotto games?
You can spend as little as $15-$20 on your lotto game if you like. The Silver Lotto System and LottoPredict gives an incredible boost to small ticket investments. But if you're after regular winnings quicker, you need to spend more. There's no fixed amount--just match how much you want to spend. 

4. How much better is the Silver Lotto System than other lotto systems?
I don't research other systems any longer, because there's only one real way to check them out and that's to look at their testimonial pages. Generally there are none there. That tells you a lot. My testimonial examples here are huge, and there are many hundreds more testimonials I haven't had time to put up here. 

5. What advantage does the Silver Lotto System have over the others?
Here's a comparison chart of other features from another system:


The lottery has allowed me to travel the world and own supercars. Here's the two models I've owned sitting together outside the Monaco Casino when I was there recently. 

 I flew in by helicopter from Nice airport rather than take the slower public transport. Here we are landing at Monaco heliport just 10 minutes later. Speed is everything! ....

It's simple. I have everything I need, so I've priced my System at a steal.

 I'm fortunate to be well off, retired early, and I want to fill in my time doing some good instead of just polishing my cars.

I'm now more interested in getting you to the winning gate as often as I can... as you'll remember from million-dollar winner Lee's comments:


Here's Why You Will Win In 2016!



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I can't wait to see your progress. Before they bought my System, many of our Silverites had won nothing for years. Now look at the hundreds of testimonials we have just on the testimonial page.

Click the order button above to start. You get immediate access for life to the membership site for a tiny, onetime cost of only US$39.95, and you could be winning up to 9 out of every 10 games like me.

Ken Silver
Founder: Silver Lotto System

PS. Remember that the biggest regret most winners have today is that they didn't take action earlier. Every minute you delay means a game lost forever... one that might have had your name on the winning ticket.

PPS. With all these photos this website may look like a car blog. But I'm a big car enthusiast. That's why I enjoy sharing all the photos of my high-end exotics with you - like this Aston Martin Vantage convertible I owned in 2015 before getting my current Aston Martin DB9.

Why not indulge your passion like me... sports cars, houses, travel, dining out. Retirement is always better with a bankful of money!

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