ReadyPack Areas Available

(Listings in red have been sold. Listings in blue are temporarily reserved but also may be available soon. You can apply for these at any time)

Work from your kitchen table in your spare time and get an income as a Partner for the Silver Lotto System ReadyPack.

I have Regional Licenses for around the world available for you to invest in now!

The opportunity is only available to one Licensee in each country or state. You have the opportunity to buy the exclusive Rights to your region to supply the ReadyPacks and earn an unlimited income from each sale. 



When you invest in an area, you buy the full Rights to that territory. When someone buys our product called a ReadyPack from us in your area, you complete it by filling out tickets for the lottery game they have selected and post it to them. Each ReadyPack sells for $99, and you get 50% ($50 minimum) for each ReadyPack sale.


What is a ReadyPack?

A Silver Lotto ReadyPack is a Done-For-You set of completed lottery tickets for your game. For years I've been wanting to offer a fully set-up System ready to go, so that all the player need do is open an envelope with their tickets already filled out each week, and play according to the LottoPredict chart.

A section of the LottoPredict chart which is updated weekly for 56 games.

A ReadyPack makes lottery playing foolproof. The US$99 cost of a ReadyPack includes:

  • Silver Lotto Membership worth $39.95
  • 3-month LottoPredict subscription worth $33
  • PRO Custom Profiles worth $88
  • Hand-filled tickets for the game worth $50.

Separately they total nearly $245. But we offer a ReadyPack for just $99.

This saving, as well as the tickets being hand-filled ready to go, makes the ReadyPack a very appealing and attractive offer that will sell well.


How exclusive are the Rights?

They are fully exclusive to you for the country or state you purchased. As a Licensee, you - and only you - will receive every order from buyers with an address in your Region. Since all puchases are made through the Silver Lotto System website, all sales from your Area are protected and will be credited to you. 


What is the investment needed?

Each Regional License is a one-time investment of US$995. This gives you the sole Rights to all ReadyPack sales and marketing in your Region.


Who can invest?

If you have daily access to a postal service, a PayPal account, are neat and organised and can follow basic instructions, you can purchase a Regional License. If you have marketing experience or can follow our instructions for further advertising, you'll get the most benefit.


Do I need any special equipment or skills to run the business?

You need a printer (optional), a ballpoint pen and a PayPal account to receive payment. You'll also need to be able to source lottery tickets for the games in your area. It is a simple business you can run from your kitchen table with the quick instructions we give you. You must be able to run it 365 days of the year, or find someone to do it for you in the period that you can't. 


Tell me more about the territory. 

When you invest as an Regional License Partner, you get sole area Rights to your territory. This can be a country or a state. Any sale within your area comes only to you, based on the buyer's mailing address. You have the Rights to the games on the sidebar list.

For example, if you live in California, then you profit from all sales of Powerball, Mega Millions and California SuperLotto Plus ReadyPacks from buyers in your state.

If you live in Texas, then you get all sales of Powerball, Mega Millions and Lotto Texas from buyers from your state.

While you can live outside the sales areas, you need full and continuing access to the tickets for the games in order to keep your business going so it's advantageous to buy in your area.


What Areas are available?

See the full list in the sidebar on the right. The Regions in red have been sold, and Regions in blue are being reserved while the applicant requests more details. They may become available at any time, so you can still apply for them to be the first in the queue.


What is the sales process for the ReadyPacks?

When we get a ReadyPack sale, the buyer's credit card is processed and then the address details are sent to you along with a set of PRO Custom Profiles to work from. You fill out the tickets from each chart and mail it off to the buyer.

We handle all aspects of the payment, customer membership, subscriptions, full 24/7 support, supply the Custom Profiles (worth $88), and follow-ups to the buyer. Your only costs are the envelopes and standard postage, and your time of about an hour for filling in the tickets.


How do I get sales?

Some of your sales will come automatically from our main website through my newsletters and the ReadyPack page. More sales will come as a result of your own efforts that you can increase with the right promotion and marketing.

If you have experience in marketing on or off the net, you will get the biggest benefit. You can promote to your area through targeted Facebook ads (for which we will train you), classified ads or any of the many other methods available.


Is there a guaranteed income?

We cannot guarantee any income return, but based on our sales over the years and the expectations for the ReadyPack service, we expect sales to grow quickly. 


How do I get paid? 

We pay you by PayPal every 2 weeks after each sale. 


Can I buy one or several Rights out of my area? 

We prefer you live in the country or state where you buy your License. But you can apply for a Regional License in any other area and we'll consider your application.


Where do orders come from?

You can sit back and wait for orders to come in from our promotion for the Silver Lotto System website, or start promoting the ReadyPack yourself to increase your business. You will get advice and assistance to advertise and promote them.


If the Licensee circumstances change, can they sell their license?

Yes, if a Licensee is unable to continue for any reason, we will advertise and sell the License on their behalf at no cost. Like any other business, if sales are good we may be able to sell it for a premium based on those profits. 


What else does a Regional Licensee include?

Your investment also includes receiving these products and services:

  • A Lifetime Pack worth $199 which includes the Silver Lotto System, a lifetime LottoPredict subscription and a set of PRO Custom Profiles of your choice.
  • Full support 24/7 from me on any issue or promotion.
  • Promotional material and marketing advice.
  • Sales directly from any promotions that we undertake, at no extra cost to you.


How do I apply? 

Send an email to: support @ (close the gaps) with your answers to these questions: 

1. What region do you want to invest in? List in preference if there are more than one. 

2. What country and/or state do you live? 

3. Do you have experience in marketing? If so please tell me more. 

4. Are you able to supply ReadyPacks in less than 48 hours from receiving the order, 24/7 all year round? (Can you use family or outsource to enable continuity?)

5. Do you have any further questions? 


If you are successful I will enclose a plain English 1-page Terms & Conditions document along with a payment link. Payment is by credit card through our secure server.

Join us in this next exciting step for the Silver Lotto System and you!

Ken Silver
Founder: Silver Lotto System