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BIGGEST Commissions Ever Made In Any Industry!

 Hi, Ken Silver here... (showing some of my car collection here and below, proof that I've made a good income from the net and the lottery for many years).

So Why Should You Listen To Me?...

Simply this - I've been successfully selling my Lotto System on the net since 1995 and have made millions of dollars, but now I want to tell you about the biggest opportunity I have ever developed.

A while back I stopped all our affiliate sales with the promise that there would be something bigger and better coming. That time has now arrived.

First let me tell you something you already know...

For example:

  • Amazon pay out as little as 2% on their sales.
  • That means you get only $2 (with taxes still to come off) on a $100 sale.
  • Millions of Amazon partners only make a few dollars a month.

Even the Silver Lotto System - when we had a generous 75% commission - gave affiliates only $27 on a $39.95 product.

How many sales would you need to make your fortune at $27 each? You’d need thousands of customers - and it’s hardly worth the effort.

Low Priced Products Just Means More Busy Work - Which Keeps You Small And Always Running...

It's expensive selling low-priced products:

  • You simply can't step up to bigger earnings unless you have a vast advertising budget.
  • A few skilled marketers can do it, but...
  • The number of these active big time super-affiliates are few and far between, and they only succeed because they spend millions in advertising.

And it has gotten worse over the years. It's now almost impossible for a newcomer to break in and earn a living off the net because of the low profit margins.

There Needs To Be A Change And I Made It With This Weird Decision That Broke The Rules...

And it's as simple as this fact. I decided to sell...

A Higher Priced Product with a Giant 50% Commission.

Look, my programs have always sold well. As I've said I've made millions over the years (and bought cars with a lot of it).

I have developed and sold great products that appeal to everyone around the world and they’ve sold strongly to thousands of players over many years. One affiliate sold $80,000 worth of our System in less than 2 weeks, keeping $60,000 for himself!

But most of my products are in a low price bracket. This is good for our buyers - but not for resellers trying to make a decent living.  

Small commissions make it hard for anyone who wants to make big money as an affiliate.

Forget The Small Sales That Rob You Of Your Valuable Time And Lead You To Burn-Out...

So I decided to go big and forget small-time sales. I needed to sell more highly priced items than the $30 or $40 products we had on offer.

And our $199 Lifetime Pack was the obvious choice.

It's all our products rolled into one offer, and it's a fantastic buy.

But I Didn't Stop There And Took The Biggest Leap In Income It's Possible To Make...

Using the Lifetime Pack I've created the most profitable form of information sales known… intellectual property licensing.

And released it as the LifeTime License. 

The LifeTime License gives you the Rights to sell unlimited multiple copies of the Lifetime Pack as well as the LifeTime License to others, and receive a big 50% commission.

When you buy a LifeTime License, the payoff for you is huge, as you'll soon see.


The LifeTime License Commission Is 100% Pure Profit And It's All Yours To Keep...

Owning a license is widely known as a profit goldmine. Licensing is a money spinner and big companies know it too.

  • Licensing is a multi-billion dollar industry. 
  • Licensing doesn't have any costs, is easily transferrable, and is hugely profitable as a result.

Every large company knows the power of licensing, and many license their name, brand or intellectual property.

And licensing with us is what will make your fortune … or a very easy living.

It works exactly the same for the LifeTime License, in this way…

You buy the LifeTime License Rights which includes the Lifetime Pack, and which allows you to sell the LifeTime License to others.

But here’s where it gets really exciting…

Because each time you sell a LifeTime Pack on its own, you will earn $100 for each sale!

And each time you sell the LifeTime License Rights to another investor, you will earn $1,000… for each sale!

That's more commission I’ve ever given at any time, and it's far more than 99.9% of reseller offers anywhere else.

Once your buyers realise that they’ll get $1,000 for each of their sales too, they'll want to buy from you as quickly as possible - it's that appealing. It's a true win-win.

You Get These Groundbreaking Rights With Your LifeTime License:

When you invest in your LifeTime License, you get both these valuable Rights:

  • The Rights to sell our $197 LifeTime Packs, giving you a $100 commission per sale.
  • The Rights to sell the LifeTime License to others, giving you a $1,000 commission per sale.

Your buyers also have the Rights to be able to sell the Lifetime Packs as well as the LifeTime Licenses, and earn a $100 and $1,000 commission each time.

One thousand dollars goes a long way in this world. Imagine if you sold one LifeTime License a week.

That's more money than most people earn weekly with a 40-hour job. It might only take you a couple minutes of putting your link out in an small ad to earn $1,000 straight away, or overnight.

It's Easy To Promote a LifeTime License Because We Help You With Training And Support...

All you do is use an affiliate link we give you and attract traffic to send to our website. You could put the link in a tiny classified ad, or at the bottom of your signature in a forum, or in a comment on a popular blog.

Each time someone clicks on it, it sets a permanent cookie that lasts forever. And when they come to buy the LifeTime License, you get your commission each time.

  • You don't need a web page.
  • You won't be picking up the phone.
  • No door to door knocking is necessary.

For example, you could buy a link in one of my daily newsletters which goes out to over 20,000 highly targeted readers.

Readers who are interested will click on your link for more information, and be led to this page you're reading now.

They’ll look it through just as you have and get as excited about the program as you are.

It works because you get the authority of my official newsletter behind you, and the link doesn't identify your affiliate connection.

And when they buy the LifeTime License through your link, it puts $1,000 in your pocket.

If you’re more ambitious, you’ll get your own website and build a mailing list. Maybe you'll advertise on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

By talking up the possibilities of the LifeTime License you’ll pull readers to this page through your link, and put $1,000 in your pocket on each sale.

Just Imagine How Just One Sale of $1,000 Could Change Your Day Right Now...

How about one sale per month? Or even one per week? That's $52,000 a year just from people viewing your link and buying from you.

Of course the more sales you want, the more active you'll need to be to offer and maximise the opportunity.

For that we provide training videos and material which will show you how to start and maximise your sales.

You don't even need your own website or blog, but later on when you gain more experience you should get one and even build your own mailing list. I'll show you how.

The possibilities are endless to promote your LifeTime License to others. It's a big world out there and you'll never run out of prospects.

OK, What Does a LifeTime License Cost?

If you wanted to buy a franchise to mow lawns and get $1,000 a week (before gas, maintenance, time, equipment, taxes - and you have to work fulltime), you might have to spend up to $50,000 for the franchise.

And worse, after that payout you still need to give 10% of your earnings back to the owner for advertising and administration. No wonder many small businesses go broke. It's a treadmill.

A franchise like this is a lot of money too, and most people don’t have that to spend.

When I chose the LifeTime License as the biggest opportunity I could offer, I also wanted to make it affordable. I knew even $10,000 would be a big stretch for many people.

So against the advice of my accountants I made it a lot less - just a one-time investment of $1997.

And it comes with full free training so you can get started offering it to the world using the information you receive.

You Should Invest Right Now Because All The Other Options Are Pitifully Unimpressive...

Maybe you have $1997 tucked away in a savings account. But savings is dead money unless it's used, and there are not many conventional ways to grow that small amount quickly.

You won’t get anywhere with the usual 3-4% interest on that amount of savings. It may give you $5-$6 interest a month, before tax.

That $5/mth looks tiny compared to the $1,000 you'll receive every time - maybe even daily if you're actively promoting it.

To get $1,000 from your interest at $5/month, you'd have to wait about 16.5 years.

But if you made just a small effort:

  • put a single page flyer around some markets or parking lots, or
  • list a free ad on Craigslist, or
  • mention it to people you talk to...

...that’s all it could take to make $1,000 a month instead of that small $5.

It’s no wonder that when I told several wealthy business colleagues what I was doing they wanted in immediately.

If they can see the value, so will you.

Here's Your Earning Potential When You Really Start Understanding What The LifeTime License Offers...

The amount is limitless. I put no restrictions on upper limits so you could earn $100,000 in a day if you wanted. It all depends on your willingness to work, marketing skills and tools, and your attitude.

There is no guarantee of any income of course - no-one can offer that. But if you made $1,000 for each sale through your hard work or advertising, you can pay back the LifeTime License investment with just two sales. Deposit that back in the bank and every further sale puts you ahead even more.

Or you could think bigger. If you are an active marketer with experience and want unlimited income, the potential is there to earn millions. It has been done through licensing in every country in the world.

The best part? Our Licensing is a zero cost product. Once you’ve made the initial one-off $1997 investment, the profits are all yours... there's nothing more to pay us.

You Get All This Included With Your LifeTime License:

For your $1997 LifeTime License investment you’ll receive:

  • Your own Lifetime Pack of Silver Lotto System products worth over $500. This is valuable because you get to see and experience the System for yourself which helps you explain the Lifetime Pack more easily.

    If you already own a Lifetime Pack then you only need pay US$1800 for the LifeTime License. Click the 'Become An Affiliate' button below to get the instructions for payment.

    Here's what's in your Lifetime Pack:

  • The LifeTime License Rights which allows you to sell the Rights for the License to others, and giving you $1,000 per sale.
  • The LifeTime Pack Rights which allows you to sell a LifeTime Pack to others, giving you $100 per sale.
  • Free tools and video training to increase your sales.
  • A full 1-Year Money-Back Guarantee!

You Also Get Training And Videos That Power Your Traffic Building To New Levels, Even If You've Never Done This Before...

There are many ways to promote a LifeTime License.

But instead of forcing you through a series of marketing or training steps that don't fit you - you can make your own choices from the many options available.

For example, some training courses plug YouTube videos as a great way to get traffic. But if you have no skill or interest in producing videos, this will be a waste of your time.

So we offer you a wide range of different methods - some of them shown in the illustration below - for you to to attract traffic.

All you have to do is select the one or two methods that appeal to you, and focus entirely on them.

You might have skills or interest in:

  • Ads
  • Webinars
  • Banners
  • Pinterest
  • Social Media
  • YouTube

... whatever you choose. Most of the training comes as videos for faster training and understanding.

You'll usually find what you need when you invest with us.


You Get Access To Your Own Commission Dashboard Where You Can See Everything Happening In Real Time...

After you sign up and make payment you’ll get:

1. Access to your LifeTime License commission dashboard.

This is your own private affiliate dashboard which shows information about your sales. It shows you each sale and the amount, when your commission is due to be paid, traffic to your link… everything you need so you can keep an eye on your growing profits every hour of the day.

You'll also have access to training videos and material on practically every traffic-producing subject, ready to watch and put into practice.

2. Your own affiliate link that you use everywhere to promote the sale of your LifeTime Licenses.

This has no expiry date, which means that when the first visitor clicks on it, the commission will go to only you, even months or years later.

It never expires so whatever you promote will keep working tirelessly for you. It’s like earning dollars while you sleep, for a lifetime!


Here's Some Popular Questions We Often Get Asked...

Q. How do I get paid?
Your commissions are paid every 30 days. After you've made 10 sales you will be paid every 2 weeks. Payment is made direct to your bank account or through PayPal. And you'll be able to follow your sales, payouts and payments in real time from your commission dashboard.

Q. Do I have to own your Silver Lotto System first to buy a LifeTime License?
No, there are no qualifications or requirements needed to invest in a LifeTime License.

Q. How do I know when I’ve made a sale?
Just sign in to your commission dashboard any time and you’ll see all your transactions listed in one place, with dates, amounts and sales figures shown.

Q. What’s the difference between other types of commission sales and a License?
Licensing is quite different to any other form of sale such as networking or MLM. And unlike a franchise, the LifeTime license Rights allow you to onsell the License to other investors. Few other selling methods have the ability to do this.

Q. Is this a MLM or networking scheme?
No. The LifeTime License Rights allows you to sell our Lifetime Packs ($197) and LifeTime Licenses ($1997) to others, giving you a 50% commission from each sale. There is no continuing income to you from sales, no downline, upline or multi-level program as you would get in MLM or networking sales. In these schemes only the top tiers and early adopters get the majority of income - the rest quickly run out of other people to sell the scheme to, and it usually collapses. The LifeTime License is an established form of investment similar to franchising which will produce buyers year after year.

Q. How easy is it to sell the Licenses to others?
You will be most successful if you have had internet or offline marketing experience, but you don’t need that at the start. You'll get access to free training and videos that will guide you through sales by SEO, social media and much more. Then just send people through your affiliate link to our website. Your link is lifelong and will never expire which means all future sales come to you. Once your buyers realise how they can also earn $1,000 each time from the one-time investment of the LifeTime License they buy from you, it has tremendous appeal to everyone.

Q. Who will buy the LifeTime License?
Anyone who wants what you have… a success product with the Lifetime Pack, and a commission with zero risk that you allows you to earn from your home computer without the hassle of starting a business or hiring staff.

Q. Do you guarantee I'll get any or regular commissions back from my investment?
How soon you get your first sale and how many sales you make is not guaranteed. It depends on the work you put in to attract traffic. But we will help you by providing training through coaching, videos and tips. If you have zero experience in marketing then it will take longer to achieve sales at the start. But if you have experience in any form of selling like retail or even having success on eBay, you have the basis for starting strong. You'll get best results if you are active in your promoting and are persistant.

Q. How do I get traffic?
Many ways. You can use free ads, Solo ads or banner ads, blogs, SEO, forums, your existing business connections and much more. You'll get training from us that will point you in the right direction so you can expand and grow. Just find a way to contact as many people as you can and you’ll be successful.

Q. How long will you keep supporting the LifeTime License? Is my investment safe ?
It’s very safe. I have been in the same business since 1991, and I have planned my empire to continue for many years more. It’s a long term business you can depend on to last the distance and fulfil your dreams whenever you're ready.

Q. Will I be billed for anything else after I buy?
No, the LifeTime License is a once-only payment and the only product you buy. Any other optional cost like advertising, websites or autoresponders is your own expense.

Q. Will I get any recurring commission?
The Lifetime Pack is not a recurring payment product. At the moment you can make one-off sales from the sales of the LifeTime License and Lifetime Pack. Recurring commissions from the profit of other license holders mean the concept becomes a form of multi-level marketing, and this is not how our Licensing works.

Q. How long do my prospect's cookies last?
Your commission links last a lifetime while you're a current LifeTime Licensee (owner).


It Seems Too Simple!

I deliberately made it easy for anyone to join and start selling the Lifetime Pack and LifeTime License as quickly as possible.

There are no complex sums, downlines or complex commissions to complicate your life.

You don't have to worry about producing sales funnels, mailing lists, websites or seminars. There are no upsells or extra costs involved. Just two massively profitable products that can make you serious money if you promote them actively.

Your only task is to drive traffic - interested eyes - to our website using our training... we do the rest.


How Do I Start?

Click the "Become An Affiliate" button below to start your exciting journey. You'll be taken to an affiliate signup page and be given directions for payment in an instant email. Once payment is complete, you're ready to start!

I look forward to welcoming you to the most profitable investment you’ll ever make!

Ken Silver

Click below now to become an affiliate and make payment. I can't wait to start working with you:


PS. Remember, all you have to do to earn $1,000 per sale is to send traffic to this page through your affiliate link. That's all you do. We take care of the sales processing, payment, commissions, support... everything else so you can concentrate on the simple task of generating traffic.

PPS. There's very few opportunities like this that offer such a large commission in a simple package. And you're at the beginning of this project which means the potential is unlimited. Start now - or forever regret that you didn't get in at the start.

PPPS. I really recommend you sign up for the Licensing Secrets Newsletter at the top of this page. I give you tips and advice to help you sell more Licenses and make the most of your training.

I share secrets of the top sellers and other motivating information you'll find essential to boost your sales.



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