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Want a 7-Figure Lottery Jackpot This Year?

So we're back from sunny Sydney. Back to lower temperatures too.

At the moment the forecast is for strong winds and I can see the trees outside my home office bending in the wind.

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How To Choose The Right Lottery Winnings Payout To Match Your Lifestyle

Yesterday we visited a mansion. It is the home of my daughter's partner's parents in Australia where we're vacationing right now.

And it's an impressive home, all marble floors and large rooms.

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5 Things You Should Do This New Year To Win Big. Note: #5 Is Important

I said yes to this boat trip to the Australian coast yesterday.

So the new year has started. It's a few days old, and Silverites are telling me they've won already...

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How Jim Built A Model Of His Million Dollar Dream And Why It Helps You Win Lotto

Winning the lottery is easy...

You play every week with my System and a handful of tickets until you win. But sometimes things don't work out:

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Why 2016 Was An Astonishing Record Breaking Year For UK Lottery Winners 

David and Carol Martin shared Lotto's highest jackpot of £66 million on January 9 with an anonymous winner.

Two years ago in 2015, lottery organization Camelot Group added more ball numbers to their National Lotto game. And the country went crazy.

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Here's A Few Random Thoughts To Help You Win The Lottery Faster


Carrie Fisher's Death Is A Message For Lottery Players - If We Listen And Act

Carrie Fisher, who died today, was an inspiration to millions of fans.

In my newsletter recently I told you why many people start fresh on a certain date.

Might be beginning of the week, month or year.

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5 Steps To See Whether You're Playing The Right Lottery Game For The Fastest Wins

Got an email this morning from Lino, wondering which game he should play.

I had just got a new haircut this afternoon, so I felt ready to take on anything. Because choosing the right game is not the easiest thing to figure out.

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What Is It About Judge Judy And $220M Lottery Winner Brad Duke That Fascinates People?

An article I wrote here back in 2015 amazes me.

It was in the "RICH IS..." section of my blog, and it was about American reality tv star Judge Judy. This clever woman is worth over $200M. But that's not the interesting part.

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The Birthday Principle And The Crushing Effect It Has On Your Lottery Prize

Last weekend was a disaster. 
As you can see from these results, our lottery game had 5 winners, all sharing the modest $1m jackpot.

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