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Here's What Happens When You Regularly Miss Your Lottery Game

Did you play this week? 
You didn't?

You would be surprised at how many others who either forgot to buy their tickets, or just didn't get around to it. One of my friends missed a $1M prize a while back because he didn't play.

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POLL: Where Do you Most Often Store Your Lottery Tickets?

A winning £1 Million lottery ticket lay on the fridge for over a month before owners Alan and Kim Elliott (above) remembered to check it 3 months later.

Around the world tiny slips of paper like theirs, worth maybe $100 million dollars or more, are sitting on a table, in a handbag, or on the fridge.

So where do you store these potentially valuable IOU's while you wait for the draw? Share your spot with us:


A $7,500 Lottery Speed-Winning Success Story From Jeff

Another $7500 winner claims their prize from the lottery headquarters.

Amazing how things change. Some Silverites still own just the System after buying it years ago.

They bought it back before it was a membership, and are still playing without LottoPredict or PRO.

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LOSER WINS: After 12 Years In The Lottery Winning Wilderness, Jose Writes This Fantastic Report

Even a small prize like half a million in the Georgia Lottery is worth winning when you've had no wins for years. Via news9

I love these kind of testimonials. Jose happily tells us how his life changed when he finally picked the right system. He only started winning after he bought my Silver Lotto System:

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Every Day, In Every Way... Your Lottery Success Saying

Remember this saying?... it's from Emile Coue, a French psychologist:

"Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better."

There's even a book on it (photo).

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Here's 10 QuickFire Money-Grabbing Ideas You Can Use To Whack Xmas Bills

Christmas is an expensive time. This time of year is tough for some people, so I gathered together 9 ideas... some tips and ideas so you can scrape together some spare cash out of thin air.

Use it to pay bills - or better still, increase the number of lottery tickets you buy:

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7 Blinding Errors That Are Stopping You Winning The Lottery Constantly

We all make mistakes. I've made plenty. There was the time I refused to come to the door when someone asked for a charity donation via my doorphone.

I thought they were door-to-door salespeople.

Turned out they were neighbors from down the road getting funds for their school.

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Is Now The Time To Play A Big Jackpot Game Like Powerball, Mega Millions or EuroMillions?

Jackpots haven't gotten any bigger than the US Powerball when it climbed to $1.5 Billion in January 2016.

Take a look on the sidebar in today's "Playing This Week"... most times jackpots are climbing.

And every time the jackpot rolls over and gets bigger, it increases the interest from lottery players.

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3 Reasons Why Being Positive Makes Playing The Lottery Better

Most of the lottery winners you see in the photos with their big check are happy. But you don't have to win to be positive.

Most lottery players are very positive people. They realise that not every game will prove a winner but the next one might. This influences their thoughts and personality.

So remember this advice on getting some wins into your lotto life:

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Amazon's New Go Store Works Just Like The Silver Lotto System

It's brilliant...

Amazon has built a new kind of grocery and food store.

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