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Lottery Success Is Planned...Not Much Is Luck. Here's 7 Ways To Change It

Brad Duke won $220 Million with Powerball in 2005. He said that planning to win was a big part of his success.

Check these 7 important tips so you can win enough to change your life completely.

Success is planned. Not much is luck.

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[POLL] Where Do You Buy Your Lottery Tickets?

The trend is towards buying lottery tickets online as more organisations open up internet options. Tell us where you get your tickets, and see where people are prefering to buy.


My Free Daily Draw Is Better Than Black Friday or Cyber Monday

The Free Daily Draw has just launched today, and it's the best deal for lottery players you'll ever find.

Because I'm giving away almost $100 worth of products each DAY. And the best thing?

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Should You Pay Cash Or Use A Credit Card For Your Lottery Tickets? 5 Reasons Revealed

A clerk sells lottery tickets at a Stop & Shop in New Jersey, USA. Soon many supermarkets will be selling tickets straight from the checkout. Photo: Times Union

More and more lotto outlets are allowing players to pay by credit card for their tickets. Some supermarkets now have lottery kiosks on the counter so you can buy tickets with your groceries. 

But a lot of people still prefer to pay cash. Is this a good idea? Should you pay by card or cash when you buy your tickets?

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The Remarkable 7-Day Lottery Winning Plan You Can Start Immediately

Retired couple Denis Graham and his wife Mary won a £4.5m UK lotto jackpot. But it took them 20 years after they first started playing the lottery.

"Don't give me wordy advice - I just want the steps to win fast!" That's the kind of request I read everywhere today, because people are stressed out, suffer information overload, and don't know who to trust.

So I gathered together a list of the steps you can do to get started right now to begin winning the lottery.

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Why Did Vlogger Casey Neistat Give Up After More Than 1 Billion Views?

You remember Casey? He's the go-to guy in New York who made a fortune as a Youtube video blogger.

And I featured him in one of my blog posts here, and regularly watched his channel.

Well, he's hit a problem.

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What Is The Easiest Lottery Game In The World To Win?

Larry and Connie Miller show that big jackpots can come from small state lottery games.

Most people are playing the wrong lottery game and don't know it.

This could be you, or your friends.

You might have played for years using QuickPicks or your own number combination, and only got a few dollars back.

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Can You Play Daily Games With The Silver Lotto System?

Big money prize with a daily game: Doug S. won over $207,000 in a Fantasy 5 jackpot in February, 2016.

Want to increase your winning chances and play more often? A 5-ball game may be what you need.

The Silver Lotto System is designed to work on a number of lottery-style games with 5 balls, 6 balls, and 6 balls with a bonus (7th) ball.

I've concentrated on the 6 ball games because of the large jackpot numbers, but there are some advantages in playing 5 ball games:

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Are You The 1 Out Of 100 Lottery Players Who Will Win This Week?

I’m about to tell you one of the biggest reasons why people don't win the lottery more often.

Why some winners seem to grab all the wins, and others try - yet get so little.

And it's this...

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What Kind Of Person Will You Be When You're Rich From The Lottery?

These Euromillions winners pose in an Aston Martin.

I don't know many wealthy people personally. They tend not to make friends easily because they often use people for what they can give them.

A couple of years ago I met a guy on one of my car racing training courses and we got along like a house on fire.

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