More About The Law Of Attraction And How To Make It Win The Lottery

Cynthia Stafford famously used a Law of Attraction to win the California State Lottery in 2007.

Jorge asked me to write more about the Law of Attraction (LOA). He wanted to know more about it, as applied to winning the lottery.

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Have You Got Lottery Jackpot Fatigue? Here's How You Can Tell And Avoid It

Big jackpots attract players, but it's easy to get complacent about the large amounts.

This morning I sat down eagerly at my Mac screens and rubbed my hands together with glee.

This is the part I enjoy...

I was about to fill out the "Playing This Week" sidebar on the Lotto Life blog.

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The Extraordinary Story Of A $27 Million Winner Who Won Playing An Obvious Strategy

The myterious Stefan Mandel - the extraordinary story of a $27 million winner.

Today I'm meeting up with my sister who has flown over from the UK. It's been a couple of years since we've met, so I'm looking forward to it.

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How To Win The Lottery Multiple Times - But Faster Than The Carmichaels

There's three ways you can win the lottery multiple times. 

#1. The first is by being lucky like the Carmichaels above who won two Powerball jackpots in 20 years

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5 Little-Known Things That Will Stop You Winning The Lottery Today

Ignore this chart. It's one of 5 ways that will make you lose.

When lotteries show frequently won or popular numbers - like the graphic above, they're playing on your ignorance.

And it's wrong...

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Brad Duke Planned To Make $1 Billion From His 2005 $220 Million Powerball Win. So How's He Doing In 2017?

Brad Duke displays his winning ticket for the Powerball $220 million jackpot.

Winner Brad Duke was different to other lottery winners. Soon after his win he optimistically set a goal to multiply it into $1 billion. Has he made it, 12 years later? See the latest information we have on his plans here.


How To Win More By This Weekend Using These 7 Essential Lottery Tips

It always feels strange when I write about a date in these posts.

I'm in New Zealand at the bottom of the map, which sees the sun first in the world, and it's early Friday.

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How You Reach Your Lottery Number Goals, And The Answer May Surprise You

I persisted and found a speedboat that would take me to visit this superyacht out in our harbor.

I've just made a breakthrough on one of my websites.
I'd been working on a solution - I won't bore you with the details - for a long time.
And discovered the answer just this morning.

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Lee Won $1 Million With My System, But Here's His Problem

Lee emailed me yesterday...

He's one of our $1M winners, and he has written to me from time to time with some really enjoyable emails... he's a nice guy and a good writer.

That's his testimonial on my site, above.

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Are You A Lottery Jackpot Hopper? Here's The Secret To Winning Powerball, Mega Millions And Other Big Games

Winning this kind of jackpot requires a different strategy of play.

Choice is good. But if you're lucky enough to have several lottery games to choose from, you face a problem.

Here's why.

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