How To Conquer Your Butterfly Mind And Win Lotto

Like a lot of people, I had a butterfly mind.

I was easily distracted, tended to flit from one topic to another... I had trouble concentrating. And got nowhere fast.

But I conquered it in time, and one day soon I'll tell you how I did it.

But let me tell you a secret... Unless you solve the problem of focus, you won't get anywhere either... in winning the lottery, or life.

Now, one of the main problems that lottery players have is deciding when to play.

They ask themselves, should I play this week? Didn't I see some pretty strange numbers coming up after that last game? Next week? What if the numbers are just as bad? And before you know it, they are undecided and lost at sea.

Not knowing which way to turn.

Well, I've made that decision easier for you...

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It's Hard To Be Humble When You're Rich From Winning The Lottery

I'm not a flashy guy.

But as I mentioned in the last post - I love quality stuff. And some of it is a bit extreme.

For example, my Bentley Continental GT: - this beautiful-looking sports car is sometimes bought by brazen hip hop celebrities. But also by well-heeled conservative executives too.

And me.

So it's a personal decision, and fortunately this supercar suits most folk with a lot of money :)

Problem is - when you're out there cruisin' along the highway, life is easy... so it is hard to remember back to the days when you didn't have two cents to rub together.

It's easy to become complacent with your good fortune. Hard to be humble too sometimes - until you remember your past.

Some of my memories are painful...

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Lottery Millionaire's Tale: My $800 James Bond Toaster

My Dualit toaster sits prettily on our kitchen bench.

As you probably know by now from following my newsletters over the years, I have a leaning towards quality.

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What's Your Lottery Winning Game Plan For This Disaster?

I sat bolt upright at my computer, staring at the screen as the following words flashed out at me:

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How The Rich Get Richer Playing The Lottery...The Curious Case Of Multi-Winners

Imagine you're the son of the president of a top US hotel group, Marriotts Inc.

And your dad's 2010 salary of $2.4 million just doesn't seem to stretch that far any longer. There's that jet you had your eye on.

What do you do?

You rush out and get a few lottery tickets - Mega Millions to be specific. Brian McCarthy bought the winning ticket on a whim while he was getting money out from a grocery store ATM machine.

And won $107 million in the July jackpot. He took the $68.4 million lump sum payment, and said he'll be golfing in Ireland and buying a BMW M3.

Fine, but here's the twist...

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My 7 Top Tips For Staying Positive (And Improving Your Lottery Winnings)

There is a good reason to stay positive when you play lotto, and it's not just the expectation of a winning streak about to happen.

Because positivity keeps you in play... in the game.

If you can't be bothered playing this weekend because you feel depressed about the economy, the war, the bills... you might miss the greatest windfall in front of you at 8pm on Saturday night.

The beauty of the lottery game is the enormous potential of winning to change your life forever. But only if you...

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Revealed: The Little Known 'Size' Secret to Winning The Lotto Jackpot

My wife and I have just come back from a weekend seeing our daughter in Sydney, Australia.

Our country, New Zealand, is about 3-and-a-bit hour's flying away, but the difference between the countries is vast.

Australia (or Oz as I'll call it from now on), is thousands of times bigger both in population and size.

Sydney's population is bigger than the entire population of our country. Crikey!

In Oz, it takes 40 minutes to get anywhere important - my daughter's standing joke - because everything is a long way from somewhere else.

It's the same in any large country like USA, South America or Asia. Travel is long and takes forever.

But there is an upside to all this grand size... the lottery jackpots in the bigger countries are enormous.

And you would think that your chances of getting the main prize is better too. Not so...

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How To Immediately Stop Wasting Money On No-Win Lottery Tickets

The less you spend on tickets that don't win, the closer you'll get to your next home.

In the Silver Lotto System instructions and in my newsletters too - I tell you to buy MORE lines or tickets.

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Millionaire Has The Answer To Your Lottery Winning Wealth

I'm in the business of winning. So I'm always interested in winners, and how they achieved their vision.

And in the years of reading, talking and watching, I believe I have the answer to why winners - in all areas of life - succeed. The answer is simply this: They stick to their game. Look at the huge succeeders in life. You will see, time after time, they have...

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This Week's 5 Hot Free Lottery Winning Tips

Let me tell you about the Lotto-80 System.

I found, after a few year's research - that some weeks have better winning odds than others.

So I calculated which could be the best weeks and put them into a simple green & red square indicator.

Green for Go. Red for Don't Play. To make it work, you just ...

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