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Announcing--A Place For Your Positive Lottery Winning Stories!


For a while I didn't collect testimonials from Silver Lotto System winners because I didn't have a place for them. Now I have.

So if you have used any of the Silver Lotto Systems and:

- Won any value prize recently or in the past (even a $10 prize means you're doing better than most of the population! Share it with us!).

- Are winning consistently.

- Found the System easy to use...

...then tell us about it. You can include your name in the post. You can even put your email address underneath if you like, but use some asterisks like this - Name*******  - to stop spammers bugging you.

Click over here now: and share the love!

Can Astrology and Horoscopes Help You Win The Lottery?

Horoscopes can help a lot of people in their daily lives.

Surprised to hear that? Am I finally starting to believe in the supernatural after a lifetime of scoffing?

No, nothing has changed... I still think most astrology and horoscopes are bunkum. But here's where it CAN help you...

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My Airport Patdown Experience - And How It Helps You WIn The Lottery

Do I have the profile of a thug? I didn't think so. But someone else did.

My grey hair, gentrified expression, chiseled features, well dressed demeanor ... none of these helped me last weekend when I went through our national airline security.

(Note: I MAY have slightly exaggerated the facts about my looks. I plead artistic licence).

My wife - who always dresses like a fashion plate even to weed the garden - and I were travelling together. And we had just picked our hand luggage off the xray conveyor belt.

A pleasant, well-built guard motioned me over as I passed through the scanner...

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We Changed Our Table - And Changed Our Luck

OUR two friends and my wife and I sat down at an outside cafe table one recent afternoon.

And everything was wrong about it.

Our friends were generous people who wanted to shout us a meal. And they had chosen this place for its low price because they were on a budget.

But nothing suited me. The table next door was filled with tattooed, cursing teens.

The cafe was also a bar... both my wife and I don't drink. Beer bottles littered the tables.

Smoke from many of the diners drifted over and enveloped us. I hate smoking.

So I...

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The Lottery Dream Is Real, Here's How To Live It!

THIS morning, as I sat reading through some of the many newsletters I subscribe to, I realized something startling.

I'm the only author who writes about money fantasies.

In past issues I've written about my expensive cars, world travel, flying aircraft, living in a hilltop mansion, achieving the playboy lifestyle (OK, I made that last one up, sorry dear!)

And in the other newsletters... these sensible-as-laced-shoes ezines... there is none of that.

I might even be a little counter-culturish...

When everyone else says save for a rainy day, I say...

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How To Conquer Your Butterfly Mind And Win Lotto

Like a lot of people, I had a butterfly mind.

I was easily distracted, tended to flit from one topic to another... I had trouble concentrating. And got nowhere fast.

But I conquered it in time, and one day soon I'll tell you how I did it.

But let me tell you a secret... Unless you solve the problem of focus, you won't get anywhere either... in winning the lottery, or life.

Now, one of the main problems that lottery players have is deciding when to play.

They ask themselves, should I play this week? Didn't I see some pretty strange numbers coming up after that last game? Next week? What if the numbers are just as bad? And before you know it, they are undecided and lost at sea.

Not knowing which way to turn.

Well, I've made that decision easier for you...

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It's Hard To Be Humble When You're Rich From Winning The Lottery

I'm not a flashy guy.

But as I mentioned in the last post - I love quality stuff. And some of it is a bit extreme.

For example, my Bentley Continental GT: - this beautiful-looking sports car is sometimes bought by brazen hip hop celebrities. But also by well-heeled conservative executives too.

And me.

So it's a personal decision, and fortunately this supercar suits most folk with a lot of money :)

Problem is - when you're out there cruisin' along the highway, life is easy... so it is hard to remember back to the days when you didn't have two cents to rub together.

It's easy to become complacent with your good fortune. Hard to be humble too sometimes - until you remember your past.

Some of my memories are painful...

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Lottery Millionaire's Tale: My $800 James Bond Toaster

My Dualit toaster sits prettily on our kitchen bench.

As you probably know by now from following my newsletters over the years, I have a leaning towards quality.

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What's Your Lottery Winning Game Plan For This Disaster?

I sat bolt upright at my computer, staring at the screen as the following words flashed out at me:

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How The Rich Get Richer Playing The Lottery...The Curious Case Of Multi-Winners

Imagine you're the son of the president of a top US hotel group, Marriotts Inc.

And your dad's 2010 salary of $2.4 million just doesn't seem to stretch that far any longer. There's that jet you had your eye on.

What do you do?

You rush out and get a few lottery tickets - Mega Millions to be specific. Brian McCarthy bought the winning ticket on a whim while he was getting money out from a grocery store ATM machine.

And won $107 million in the July jackpot. He took the $68.4 million lump sum payment, and said he'll be golfing in Ireland and buying a BMW M3.

Fine, but here's the twist...

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