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REVEAL: Why It's Taken Me Over A Year To Show You This Unsmiling Photo

These blow-up extracts show that a photo of me smiling is quite hard to obtain. See the full photos here.

A few minutes ago I was sitting down to start my weekly Lotto-80 System predictions.

When it suddenly dawned on me.

I have been blabbing to you for close to a year and a half about my 'latest' car. Actually, 22 different times - according to my blog article count.

And in that time I have only shown one distant picture of it.

I simply forgot. My, how time flies.

I called out to my wife: "Will you take a picture of me with the Bentley?"

She stopped what she was doing, and after a couple of minutes I had a quick picture on my iPhone 4S.

Only problem - she didn't tell me when to smile.

So there's yet another photo of me squinting in the sun. The other frownie was me standing by my Aston Martin.

But ignore my seriousness and take a look at the Bentley picture on my website at

Even if you're not a car guy or gal, pass the site URL on to a friend. Nice cars are universally admired.

It's a stunning car to look at, and I'm very proud of it. Because it's what you can accomplish too with a lottery win and some determination!

Take a look, both cars are shown there:

Then come back here and buy the parts you need to get going with your lottery game:

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