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The 5 Small Differences That Makes A Super Affiliate Better Than The Rest

Super affiliates don't normally like to share their secrets.

What's an affiliate? Simply, a person just like you who has bought one of my products. That means you qualify and can sign up to be a reseller of my system.

Some affiliates do very, very well, and we call them super affiliates.

One guy sold $80,000 worth of my products in just over 2 weeks earlier this year. For some people this is a year's wages - certainly not to be sniffed at!

So how do these top dogs do it? Do they possess certain traits that help them make these enormous sales? And can you copy them?

Yes. While I can't outline their exact secrets to you, I can give you some ideas on how the super affiliates win more than the lottery each time.

Some super affiliates like Rosalind Gardner (right) do very well.

Here's 5 top traits of the top affiliates:

1. They have a large mailing list, 10,000 names plus. They usually get the list from signups at their own blog or website - rarely from commercial list merchants. By sourcing from their own interested visitors, they get more targeted readers.

2. They are persistent and think long term. One of the more successful ways to copy the big guys is to start a blog and use my lottery banners and links to point readers to the Silver Lotto System website. You can easily set up a blog on any subject... fly fishing, dog training, television reviews, business, lotto results... anything that you have an interest in - and are maybe an expert on. Once readership rises on your blog, sales will too. It takes time to set this up and get going, but like a small snowball rolling down a slope it quickly picks up speed - and sales - for you.

3. They are original. Instead of going on forums and putting a standard signature below their post, they might change it each time after they read something interesting in my blog. It is likely to be tips or tricks that will help their readers get more wins more often. You'll always find those on this blog:

4. They sometime use offline methods. One popular way to spread the word locally is have flyers xeroxed and employ kids to place them on the windscreens of cars near a lottery store. The yellow flyer with bold black print can simply say: "Do you want to win a lottery prize 9 times games out of every 10? Go to" The URL will be their ClickBank affiliate so that sales commission goes back to them.

5. They use several resources together from the Lotto Affiliate Center, not just one alone. For example, they can write articles every day and just use that method as a single source of sales. But when they combine that by placing the article on their own blog as well as in an article directory, they'll do much better.

Many people search endlessly for a special ingredient that lets them duplicate the big boys. There's no secret to becoming a hugely profitable affiliate. The answer is always consistent, persistent effort over time.

If you own one of my products, start now by visiting the Lotto Affiliate Center.

Here's how to start as an affiliate:

1. Buy the Silver Lotto System to get started, then sign up here.
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