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SMARTS: How To Learn From Dumb Lotto Mistakes And Recover Quickly To Win

Robert Thibodaux of Louisiana won $1 million from Powerball by mistake when a clerk accidentally added the PowerPlay option! Via ZacharyToday

Apparently one of the signs of getting ahead in life is to learn from your mistakes. You should never repeat them.

Well, nobody told me that. My life is a series of repeated mistakes, worse than any soap opera.

I keep saying the wrong things at the wrong time, visiting the wrong places, taking the gravel road shortcut... you name it, I've messed up big everywhere... and I'm still doing it.

But I've always made *just enough* borderline good decisions to keep me out of trouble.

And a few rare times I've made *just enough* good decisions to make life very, very pleasant.

It's exactly like playing lotto. Every week we all plug on, putting our entry fee into one game after another... until we feel like it's all a mistake and we're getting nowhere.

Then suddenly it all becomes worthwhile...

My system removes most of the mistaken number combinations in every game. You know, the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 combination lines that are proven unlikely to win a cent.

There are tens of thousands of these bad combinations that took me 2 years to figure out back in 1991. Without a computer too.

So my job is to improve that process for you... to keep down the number of 'mistaken' numbers until you win.

And the triumph of my results - the best tool to accomplish that - is the PRO System. Remarkably it removes up to 98% of mistaken numbers.

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Keep your mistakes low and your wins high!

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