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RANKING: Is Your Lottery Here?... The 43 Top Games With The Best Winning Chances

You'll get top prizes more often when you know the best game to play.

One of the little-known secrets to successfully win more lottery prizes is to play a game with the lowest odds. With low odds you benefit in several ways:

  • You'll play less tickets, but get the same results as higher odds games.
  • Your chances of a win are increased more times than with higher odds games.
  • The number of players you might have to share your jackpot with is lower. This is because low odds games are generally less popular games in low population areas.

I've compiled a list of the world's top 43 games used by the Lotto-80 System, ranging from the best odds to the least.

High or low odds are dependent on the number of balls and ticket numbers. The lower both these numbers are - the better off you are.

For example, one of the games not included below has the worst odds... the Malta Lotto has 5 balls (good odds number), but 90 numbers (bad).

Malta Lotto - too many numbers.

That makes it a poor playing choice. It's also the reason this game is one of the few - maybe the only - lotto game not included in my System.

There's one disadvantage with the games with the best odds - they often have low jackpot payouts. This is because in the lottery world - like most everywhere else - you pay for what you get.

And it's why the Powerball and MegaMillions have the worst odds - but the highest prizes.

Here's the list. Games with the best playing odds start at the top. If your country has several lotto games, choose the highest ranking game from among them in this selection:


Don't worry if your game is low on the scale. Use the Silver Lotto PRO System to squeeze the most out of any game you play.

And if you play on the special days I recommend, you'll have less chance of sharing your prize with others.


You may not be able to play the best odds game because it's not in your state or town. You may be able to play online though, so check out the official website of your game here to find out.

Here's my suggestion to make the most of your game's odds:

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For week ending 12 March 2012:

Philippines SuperLotto
Singapore Toto
South Africa Nationa Lotto 

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