Lotto Tip: How To Spend The Least Amount Of Money To Win The Lottery

So you want to go big like Mavis Wanczyk in the photo above.

There’s a new car and house with your name on it.

You just need the right win...

But you only have $20 a week spare. How can you get the best use out of that amount?

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This Hypnotist's 4-Step Dot Method Can Be Used To Win The Lottery!

I came across this interesting motivational tip this morning.

Seems a good way to start the new year.

It comes from UK hypnotist Paul McKenna, and I've adapted it a little to make sense for winning the lottery.

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These Are Automatic AND Free! Can Lottery Winning Get Any Better Than This?

A short while back, a rare event occurred...

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The Secret To Winning Giant Lottery Jackpot Rollovers Is Simple

Goodbye old faithful ADSL modem - you're being rolled over and replaced.

Today a broadband company is setting up my fast fiber internet connection.

They'll be coming into my home and installing a couple of magic boxes.

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3 Quick And Simple Tips That Will Save Your Lotto Money

Our new home is cheap to run.

In the week we've been here, I've already saved $100 a week on the power bill.

Yes - that's a hundred bucks in a WEEK...

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Here's My Take On Lucky Lottery Numbers And Lucky Lotto Stores

We're in the middle of a wild winter storm right now.

I'm pleased I'm sitting in a warm office, because it's windy outside, and cold.

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The True 'Hidden' Costs Of Playing The Lottery - And It's Less Than You Think

I've been looking for an electric car for a while.

We haven't got Tesla here yet, and many other brands are just not practical.

But I jumped into a Mitsubishi PHEV like the one in the photo this afternoon, and it seems like a great deal.

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Lottery Millionaire's Shock Buy - A James Bond Style Toaster

Still looks new after 10 years - my expensive Dualit toaster on our kitchen bench.

If you have been following my newsletters over the last 20 years, you'll know I like quality stuff in every form.

My Bentley and Lexus cars are top quality models...

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Have You Fallen In Love With Your Lotto Game? Here's How It Helps You Win

I'm a car buff. I love sports cars...

But I had an experience a couple years back which should have put me off one brand for good.

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Dream Big To Win The Lottery, But Don't Overlook This One Important Thing

I once took control of a Skyhawk jet like this one.

My life has been improved by my dreams...

Over the years I've dreamt of a number of things, and they've all come to pass.

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